Photo of Jaclyn [2015]

I am currently a Newton International Fellow postdoctoral researcher in the Faculty of History and a junior research fellow in modern history at St Peter’s College at the University of Oxford. I completed my PhD in international history at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva, Switzerland in summer 2015. I am working on my first monograph, International Jewish Humanitarianism in the Age of the Great War, adapted from my prize-winning doctoral dissertation. I am also beginning a new project on Jewish women’s internationalism and universalism in the long twentieth century. Together with Abigail Green, I am accordingly planning a workshop in 2018 to rethink Jewish internationalism from a gender perspective. My research interests include interactions among transnational non-governmental organizations, states, and international organizations; history and historiography of Jewish diplomacy and philanthropy; late-nineteenth to mid-twentieth century institutional and diplomatic history in the United States and Europe; humanitarianism, human rights, and social reform; Great War history. See my published articles, “Waging Relief” and “Les associations juives à la Société des Nations.”